Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cracker Barrel - Michigan Restaurateur - Brighton, MI

I recently photographed Deb Fratrik, a Cracker Barrel VP, for Michigan Restaurateur Magazine at the Brighton, Michigan location. And... I got to snap a few shots of her classic Caddy!

portrait of Deborah Fratrik another angle of Deb for the magazine getting plenty of coverage for Michigan Restaurateur Magazine sweet fins and tail lights on the cadillac cadillac gauge and badge

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Bruce Peninsula - Ontario, Canada

I've been to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada a few times now. This last trip was brief but I managed to capture a spectacular sunset and some really cool rock textures. The rock formations on this peninsula, especially near Tobermory, are out of this world. It's something I'd highly recommend experiencing.

These were captured while on a short scouting trip for tourism videos. We squeezed the one night trip between jobs, but it's always worth it to visit places before planning a video production. It's crucial actually, something you don't want to skip. Here's a big panorama view from the cottage be stayed at:

panoramic shot over Lake Huron at sunset side of the cottage

Cliffs and rock formations near Tobermory, ON:

a bit of climbing over Lake Huron waters the beautiful rock textures found everywhere on the Bruce Peninsula

This vast field of yellow greeted us on the way up the Bruce:

yellow fields on the way to Tobermory Ontario

More sunset views from the cottage:

rock textures on the shore are everywhere another sunset view over Lake Huron the last bit of sun for the day reflections at sunset on Lake Huron

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kalamazoo Beer Exchange - Kalamazoo, MI

A quick photo shoot for the Michigan Restaurateur Magazine in Kalamazoo this Spring.

James Flora, owner of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange This place is huuuugge: bi-level entertainment at the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange another shot that shows off the expansiveness of this space The owner, James, told me all about his love for old arcade machines (AC/DC pinball is pretty cool!): portrait of James Flora, owner of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nancy and Keegan - Engagement - Ann Arbor, MI

first stop Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti! holding hands, Nancy's ring Nancy and Keegan walking through Bird Hills in Ann Arbor walking through Bird Hills in Ann Arbor beautiful portrait in downtown Chelsea Michigan spontaneous laughter during a brief snow storm

These two are awesome! When they said "let's start at Corner Brewery" I knew it was going to be a great portrait session. We shared a beer and discussed their wedding while I snapped a few photos. When then headed to Bird Hills Nature Preserve and after that on to downtown Chelsea, MI! What a great snowy day we had!