Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Mom: CCH Healthy Communities Point Person

My Mom was in the local newspaper recently (full story here):

"A Program such as Healthy Communities simply would not work without a familiar face, a person who is out in the community talking to participants, encouraging people to join, and acting as a liaison for the program. This Point Person works hard to make sure the program is running smoothly... Wendy Skogheim of Chelsea found her niche when she became the Healthy Communities Point Person this year. A long-time schoolteacher and California native..."

I took the photo for the article:

For some reason the newspaper doesn't have the photo on their website, but it showed up in the printed paper. I shot it in our study :)


  1. that's so awesome. did i tell you my boyfriend works in public health? the pic is fabulous too!

  2. I think you did, when you were talking about moving to Chicago. He's gonna finish school there?


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