Saturday, January 17, 2009

MI2CA 2009 Day Seven and Eight: The End

This post is a little late; a week ago I was in Las Vegas. Photos will come as soon as I get a chance to edit them.

We got to Vegas late Friday night. Slept on the couch/floor of Taleesha, an ambulance driver, in Henderson, right outside Vegas. Taleesha and her roommate had an awesome little apartment. She also had a total of seven coach surfers while we were there. Me and Nick, two Russian exchange students, and three French travelers.

Nick and I hung out, on the strip, with the Russians and our hosts, all day Saturday. And we decided to spend the night again. Vegas was a lot of fun overall and it was nice and warm, which was what we had been searching for most of the trip.

I could rant on and on about the social condition of Vegas, but I'll spare you. I do want to make one observation: The deprivation of the human spirit in the 'city of sin' is visible not only in the 'scum' of the city, but also in the middle class partiers.

So, Sunday we woke up really early to get some sunrise photos at Red Rock Canyon. We decided to climb this mountain, and planned to take a nap at the top. The mountain ended up being a lot bigger than we thought and it took us several hours to hike up. So by the time we got up, we were hungry and decided it was best to start down.

I'd estimate we climbed a good 1000 feet up and covered less than 3 miles. This mountain was no joke.

When we finally got to the bottom it was about 2pm. We were obviously dehydrated and starving to death. PB&J was skillfully prepared with our fingers. And I washed it down with some sour milk, which was a big mistake. The parking lot was crawling with tourists, so we headed to a subdivision and found a nice little park to sleep in for a couple hours.

We then went straight to LA and I caught a plane home Sunday night.

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