Saturday, January 10, 2009

MI2CA 2009 Day Six: Taos to Flagstaff to Las Vegas

We slept outside in our sleeping bags last night. It was 12 degrees when we woke up at around 3am. We decided to just start driving, since it was so cold and we couldn't really sleep.

We headed to Flagstaff, Arizona in search of some warmer weather. We started following the directions of the gps. About an hour later we ran into a little trouble. The road was closed due to snow. We had to head all the way back to Taos and start off another direction.

It was still super early, so we made it to Flagstaff around noon. We drove around forever trying to find some wifi, so we could figure out what to do. When we finally found some it was almost 2pm. We decided to go straigt to Las Vegas, since we had already wasted most of the day and were too tired to do anything except drive.

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