Monday, September 21, 2009

Urban Exploring

Adventuring into abandoned buildings is one of the most exciting (and sometimes terrifying) things I've done. And lately its been a common occurrence in my life.

I've been shooting a ton of photos. Heres a Flickr gallery of the places I've been so far.

Click 'Read More' for more photos

Side note: Based on my very few experiences, and everything I've heard, bringing an expensive camera while URBEXing in Detroit is too much of a risk. But documenting my adventures, the friends that come with me, and the decaying buildings, is a huge reason for exploring, so I carry a small point and shoot.

There are many places to explore all over Michigan, I've just gotten started really (been to a half dozen). And they aren't all necessarily buildings. Theres a really cool kid's park (play gym) right down the street from my apartment and my friend Daniel just posted about a memorial he found in OK.

If you know of any cool spots... lemme know! :)

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