Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who's counting?

I'm not.

I haven't been logging my runs for a while and I'm going to continue not logging them for a while. Haha. I think I hit my peak training wise this summer towards the end of July. I dropped the ball big time in August and picked it back up a bit in time for Chicago (October 10th). In the mist of all the crazyness little things like logging miles and core exercises (big mistake!) fell by the wayside.

I had three new years resolutions (or goals) back in January:
1. Run 1200 miles in the year
2. Run the Chicago Marathon
3. Run a Boston qualifying time at Chicago

I successfully completed goals 1 and 2! I hit 1200 miles for the year sometime in September, and I finished the Chicago Marathon in 4:15. Which means I did not qualify for the Boston Marathon :( There's always next year!

My new goal for the rest of this year is to run every day and not count my miles. I'll still be running my usual loops and know more or less how much I'm running, but I'm not going to keep track. I want to focus on loving it. And just getting out there when it's COLD. We'll see how it goes!

Me after Chicago:

Photo by Rachel Jones!

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